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"Singer songwriter and killer pianist Chloe Youtsey will make you dance, cry and then repeat! Always a blast when Chloe is in the house." 

- Roads Bistro, VA Beach

"One of the most talented people I've ever met."

- BJ Griffin

"So soulful. Her writing is brilliant."

- Andre Hayward

2018 Alum of Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead Program, Kennedy Center

2023 Winner of Proteus Singer-Songwriter Contest, Zeider's American Dream Theater 


Living 757 Television Interview 2024

Michael Toland review Austin Chronicle 2021

Chloe Youtsey & Black Coffee Mozart's Coffee Roasters Blog 2019 


Loyalists of opposing genres, speakers of many languages, & people of all ages all find something to love in the youthful yet enlighted voice of Chloe Youtsey. As a pianist, her harmonic stylings are informed by the jazz voicings of bebop quartets, while her punchy solo lines remain singable with a more church-like quality popular in soul and R&B. Her tone suggests at dark culinary treats, such as chocolate, whiskey, and wine, and her timbre is discussed in terms of warmth, velvet, and butter. Hangovers, heartbreaks, and aching questions have been soothed for thousands in crowds across Central Texas and Virginia, while listeners from across the US, France, Brazil, Australia & further abroad have fallen in awe through her social media channels and eagerly tuned in for the next song.

As a writer, her composition and lyricism takes on a complexity more typical in Broadway, jazz, and 70s yacht rock, while remaining squarely rooted across a few personally inspirational themes - faith, family, and yearnings of the heart. Her lyrics can standalone as introspective poetry and the music lifts them to the ear for sincere contemplation. After having spent so much time in wandering solitude at the piano since the age of 5, a public performance feels like an invitation to a jam session. There is little formality, no alter ego. Though she's on stage, any minute she might pop down into the front row just to enjoy the other musicians herself. 


Frequently performing in a trio setting, Chloe looks up and keeps her eyes usually on the other players, her hands seemingly having a mind of their own. Frequent banter with the crowd means the music is punctuated by a laugh-track, while soaring and delicate ballads draw tears. When it's time to dance, her left hand shines as a believable bass guitar, her hands holding down unbelievable syncopation as a a complement to the rhythmic melodies in her vocal lines. Her originals span worlds with diverse arrangements calling to mind disco, Motown, funk, modal jazz, bossa nova, and rnb.

Besides this commitment to good technical delivery, Chloe's passion for living well from the inside out grounds her musical choices, professional demeanor, and makes her a natural leader in the independent artist industry. 


A married mother, she uses her artist platform to address the impatience culture & fast-fame trends of her generation, encouraging young creatives who are afraid of what embracing children might mean for their career that the best is could be yet to come, having been surprised herself. For Chloe, it certainly appears to be true.

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