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The daughter of an Air Force pilot, Chloe's nomadic childhood allowed for very few constants, one of which happened to be picking out tunes by ear and eventually taking lessons at the piano. The hobby gradually blossomed into an obsession by the time she reached her mid-teens.


Curiosity lead her to experiment successfully with musical theater, marching band, and jazz ensemble, opening up more opportunity than the former military kid thought possible. 


Exposure to jazz music in her senior year of high school lead to a pivot in her academic plans, and she ultimately graduated with a B.M. in Jazz Studies ('17) for voice from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virgina.


After graduating, Chloe received international recognition as a composer-arranger and lyricist, being chosen as one of 24 young adults for the 2018 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency program, held at the Kennedy Center & conducted by pianist Jason Moran.

Chloe relocated to Austin in 2018, got married and gave birth to her daughter in 2019, while actively performing up to 36 weeks pregnant.


Since then, on top of her own active performance life, in the fall of 2020 Chloe took on the role of Mozart's Coffee Roasters musical curator and is the third musician to be recognized as its artist in residence.

Under her direction, Mozart's 2021 music program expanded to include the Keep Live Music Alive Singer-Songwriter Showcase (Spring/Summer '21,) the Late at the Lake Tuesday Variety Show (April-November '21,) and the Jazz in the Grotto series (October-November '21) on top of its weekly Thursday-Sunday calendar.


Her role as host for Tuesday's Late at the Lake offered the unique joy of facilitating between 30 to 40 different performers each night, with countless original songs debuted for a large and encouraging crowd.

In the spring of 2022, she began production on a podcast series, "This Week Late at the Lake," featuring original works from performances on Tuesday nights at Mozart's open variety mic. The podcast falls under the Music Interviews category, and within two months of creation began charting at #119.

Her and drummer Anthony Corsaro make up Duo Nuvole, which has maintained a Mozart's residency almost weekly since September 2020, adding their fresh, "never the same way twice" spin on classic hits, American jazz standards, and Chloe's original compositions. 

In November of 2020, she released her first studio EP, Memoir. The product was removed from streaming sites in the spring of 2022. The Austin Chronicle reviewed the project, hyperlinked at the top of this page.


7 original songs and 2 instrumentals give a glance into her lyrical mind and showcase her dominance over melody. 

The chatter around Memoir...

"This is a beautiful project. In a world completely distracted by flash, speed & shock value it's refreshingly comforting to hear music that's intended to innocently transport us to a peaceful and safe space. The purity of Chloe's voice delivers these heartfelt lyrics and their underlying message with courage and hope. This is good music."

- Mark Whitfield (guitar)

"So soulful. Her writing is brilliant. Anointed music indeed."

- Andre Hayward (trombone)

"Timeless lyrics, diverse music and arrangements, clear and relevant message, nostalgic."

- Laura Anglade (vocalist)

"The entire set is tangibly, viscerally intimate. Beautiful writing, stunning delivery."

- Ari Carvajal (guitar)





Chloe is married to Liam Houston. They are parents to Reuel, affectionately nicknamed "RooRoo."