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Proteus Music Contest 2023

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Want to help me?

Not so long ago I had a too-good-to-be-true opportunity come along that was the beginning of my recording career.

It turned out to be too-good-to-be-true and was a false start.

I have managed to keep it moving with a lot of live performance, but the dream has never left me to get these songs out of my head and into the world, done rightly and done with love.

This link will take you to 15 pieces of original music and 15 songwriters who are all contending for the recognition of "Audience Favorite Finalist" in a 5-person contest that will be held at Virginia Beach's Zeiders American Dream Theater on October 6th.

If my songs mean something to you, obviously give the other entrants a listen to you can vote honestly 🤣 but a vote in my favor would be a nice way to say so. Even if nothing comes of this contest, I am excited to feel a resurgence of energy after what was a very difficult second pregnancy & move.

I have found that in this game of the music industry, some people are purists that insist on doing things the hard way and avoiding easy leg-ups, some folks are fame whores who can barely slap spoons on beat and throw themselves at any chance for exposure, some people are content riding that wave of obscurity with a simple working life of middle-class musician, & some spent their youth gunning for some version of success they never found and have put away their instrument entirely and with some forlorn resignation.

I'm 10 years in to this and I'm still playing the game, with a family in tow, hoping to do things with integrity, being humble enough to ask for help and recognize I need it, happy with where I am but hoping for greater, and committed to stewarding what God has given me into my older years.

This link works for anyone on any device. Thanks for sharing and thanks for listening.

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