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Glory to Glory

A collection of maxims that the Lord has directly spoken to me over the last two years.

You can't lead people where you yourself have not been.

There is grace for doing things out of weak faith.

If it is not sown in joy, it is a dead work.

Doing a duty because it is the "right thing to do" is its own reward : do not expect to yield lasting joy from doing "right."

Sacrifice and obedience taste and smell differently than joy and pleasure, like a lingering incense.

Give up being good.

The joy of the Lord is even His strength.

Externalism is the realm of demons.

You cannot redeem a dead thing - it has to be reborn. It has to burn.

You don't HAVE to do these things - you GET to do these things.

Everything you have now at one point was something you asked for, intentionally or not.

Don't involve someone in a problem they cannot fix.

Complaining is the language of hell.

Regret is never the last word - God is in the business of saving us from our own stupidity.

The world will only ever be against you. You overcome when you realize that, and find freedom on the inside.

Not even a spouse can love you like the Lover of your soul.

Do not entertain demons. They are only to be laughed at.

The vain imaginings are the "what-ifs" that have you prophesying your own doom.

God does not consider the blessings of the wicked to be given in excess or wasted - even counting what is given to them, He still experiences no lack.

To whatever degree you become offended or insulted, is the degree that the offense is yet alive in you.

We do not even know how perverted we are as we come before the Lord. It is in His own grace that He spares us from the true horror of ourselves.

Anything that disgusts me in humanity is something that the Lord considers me guilty of - I am human.

The answer is never in a person, money, or change of situation - the answer is always His Presence.

Holiness burns up the good just as much as we think it's supposed to burn up the bad.

Even in this life, my spouse's most intimate memories will be the ones had with the Lord. On earth as it is in heaven.

Everything done in love is done rightly.

There is no sweeter death than death of self in the river of life.

Alcohol will not stop you from entering heaven - but it will keep you from being drunk on the new wine as a lifestyle.

God gets the most pleasure out of me when I am enjoying myself. I was made for pleasure, out of pleasure, and for pleasure alone.

Religion keeps you from knowing pleasure & freedom as the Lord intended - which is why religious people get so mad when you shun their ways.

If they were actually free, they would let you live and not lose their peace.

The discipline of holiness is increasing fun.

If it's not fun, you are not being sanctified, you remain in bondage.

We call childlike imagination the same muscle Jesus called faith.

At the point you begin striving, you have already lost.

As above, so below.

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