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Live In Front Of A Live Audience...

I used to not be the biggest fan of live recording versions of the songs I loved because they weren't as clean as the radio version.

But then I got older and actually started to do the thing and now live albums are my preferred for exactly that reason!

We get the squeak and the dirt that makes a song human.

For the truest fans, who doesn't want to relive the moment as if they were actually there? You can't get that with autotune.

So there won't be any on these recordings...even though I know they could afford some.

Beginning this Friday, June 28th, starting with "One Less Day," I will be flying my pretties out into the larger world. Presave on Spotify

I can push them out quicker and with better quality control the more supprot there is in my Patreon page, where I'm sharing the behind-the-scenes process as well as weekly covers of the songs that have colored my memories and are often performed live.

Peeks at children's book ideating may or may not have already found its way on there as well...

The way of the independent artist isn't very independent - I rely on sound engineer & photographer peers, as well as a panel of confidants and supporters for critical review behind every project.

I'd love for you to be a part of that.

subscribers get free downloads to new music, weekly covers,

personal insights, and limited edition band merch.

(It's me, I'm the band.)

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