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Quarantine of the Mind

What if this strange isolation really became a good thing?

What if some of us become better, healthier, kinder people after the forced introspection and opportunity to clean house?

What if we get into the best shape of our lives?

What if we learn the profound power of forgiveness and making your bed in the morning?

What if our children become the highlight of our day rather than a drudgery to tend to in the background?

What if we saved money on gas and spent time feeling content with less?

What if we kept going instead of stopping to watch the world burn?

. . .

What if grade-school wisdom is just as true now as it was then?

Hurt people hurt people.

Insecurity and narcissism are two sides of the same coin.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

People who spend energy dictating how others ought live their lives are usually the worst at running their own.

What you do in secret will someday be exposed one way or another.

No one will give you your peace of mind. You have to guard it.

. . .

What if we spent our finite energy on keeping the world spinning somehow, rather than allowing our own internal combustion to burn it down?

What if we refused to be manipulated because emotionally weak people try to make us feel like we owe them something?

What if quarantine was an opportunity to get alone with God?

What if we were unapologetic about the strength He gives us?

The most offensive way to live your life is to simply retain your peace when misery wants company. It is possible to be both empathetic and immovably grounded in Truth, but only by the grace of Yahweh.

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