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The Magic Number of Apps for Small Business Success

Updated: Feb 28

I spent the last 3 years handling nearly every aspect of the behind-the-scenes invisible load required to host an online presence for a very successful brick and mortar store.

They had close to 40 different accounts hosting various services, and I routinely accessed 10 of them to push ads, launch events, communicate with customers, and design media from the ground up.

But now I've graduated to working for just me again (with immense gratitude for the release and for the experience.)

Over those years, I spent 95% of my available working hours on efforts for the company's sake, and let my own projects float or be accomplished at the strike of sudden whim.

I'm in the process of re-accessing all of my service accounts on a personal computer & I am absolutely bamboozled at the sheer volume of websites I felt lead to accumulate in order to sustain myself over the past 7 years of this musician life.

Between banking, tax filing, email, cloud storage, newsletter, website, streaming services, production editing, & social media, 25 websites/apps support my work. My helpers.

I may be missing a few. (Saying nothing about what happens to my physical reality if one day the web goes black. That's a philosophical musing for another day.)

As I take stock of where I am vs. where I'd like to be, the irony I feel is: can I help the help & move music beyond being a break-even endeavor?

I offer you, reader, no answer. Time will tell.

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